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Building Mobile Chat in 2019

Tactics, comparisons, and stories for shipping mobile chat that your users crave

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At this moment there are 2.5 billion smartphones spread across a third of the world’s population. That means now more than ever teams are investing heavily in their mobile offerings. Allowing users to chat with support, sales, and each other is crucial for top engaging apps in healthcare, SaaS, dating, business collaboration and every other industry today.

But building chat for mobile apps at scale isn’t easy. There are huge challenges, pitfalls and risks that stand between you and separating your app apart from the rest. This course will guide you through entire chat landscape and provide a 360-degree overview of chat development, deployment, and scale - and show you how to integrate features to keep your chat offering ahead of the competition.



  • The current landscape of chat - vendors, services, and frameworks
  • Trusting hosted infrastructure vs. building your own
  • Build vs. buy checklist
  • Getting started tutorials for iOS and Android
  • Advice from top product managers on scaling reliable chat
  • Tips for a successful launch
Building Mobile Chat in 2019

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